Bana Balang is a unique magazine to stimulate, entertain, educate and inform our seTswana youth in their mother tongue. The Bana Balang is distributed to schools free of charge, in the rural- and urban areas of North West and parts of Northern Cape Province. The youth is encouraged to read trough the entertaining and educational content.

Bana Balang recognizes that learners are multi-faceted individuals with a variety of interests. In response the publication offers interesting, actual and entertaining information to the widest variety of taste, as well as sms competitions, etc.

Bana Balang is a regular publication with objectives to promote reading, education and entrepreneurship among the target number of 300,000 Setswana-speaking youth in the North West and parts of Northern Cape Province. The idea was born by the fact there is little reading material for the Setswana youth in their mother tongue.


We realize the importance of establishing and nurturing a love for reading within our youth.

The objectives of Bana Balang involve Setswana-speaking youth


  • They learn to appreciate the Setswana language as an educational tool;
  • They become more fluent in English;
  • They become more educated in science, computer science, technology, entrepreneurship and social issues, e.g. AIDS, Development Programs, violence, etc.;
  • They become more aware of and sensitive to the reservation of their environment;
  • They can nourish a love for reading and knowledge;
  • They can appreciate the benefit of the press in a democratic society;
  • They become more informed about entertainment: Books, music, movies etc;
  • They become more aware of Brands.