Bana Balang magazine implemented a youth day, which occur quaterly, from district to district throughout the North West Province. With these days we interact with the youth on an educational and recreational basis.

On each funday specific school are invited to participate. Fun and games are in the order of the day, along with motivational & educational speeches. The need for learners to participate in extra curricular activities are important. Learners in rural areas need to be stimulated in a possitive manner.

These fundays include indoor activities - live performaces of song and dance, motivation discussions and outdoor activities - teambuilding exercises, games, sport. Learners from different backrounds and situations are brought together, they learn from each other and have fun.

How can I as stakeholder benefit?

  • benefit by means of brand awareness
  • intergrate as part of your Corporate Social Investment,
  • get your messege out, in a light hearted way, which has more impact
  • receive a tax exemption certificate to the value of donotion provided, whether it is goods or funds.

From the press: Foundation brings fun to learners of in Ikageng

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