We would like to invite you to join hands with Ithuteng Dipuo Foundation in the upliftment, empowerment and education of our youth.

Your business can  be integrated with Bana Balang, in such a way that the learners as well as your institution may benefit. Individuals or organisations can get involved by means of Competitions, learning pages, questionnaires, any and all means necessary, so that the youth and institution get mileage from their involvement. Brand awareness is key, and our sales experts are able to integrate your long term goals with Bana Balang.

Ithuteng Dipuo Foundation offers you an opportunity to invest in society in one of the most sensible manners, with mutual benefits. Sponsors are classified as Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. 

The amount sponsored refers to funds donated or the value of goods or services rendered or a combination thereof. Sponsorships can be dedicated to a certain project or to IDF in general. Publication benefits will be arranged via the Bana Balang.

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